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For over 30 years the sfs law group has assisted business clients in times of growth and expansion and in weathering the impact of times of economic decline and business crises.

We have advised clients in acquiring new businesses and investments and in diversifying and divesting assets.




Corporate and Business Practice

Business Structure and Organization

We are often asked to advise our clients on the best business structure for them to create as they pursue their business goals.  Whether the corporate form, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, or other business forms are best suited to a client's business and personal goals are reviewed carefully in advising our clients.

As businesses change, their complexity of their business structure may changes as well. For family or closely held businesses, the negotiation of employment agreements, shareholders agreements and other documents designed to give effect to the agreement of the stakeholders in a company requires the skills of experienced and attentive business lawyers. 

Acquisitions, Dispositions, Restructuring's

Business seldom remains static.  As companies expand through purchases and acquisitions, it is essential that they structure their transactions in a way that reflects their agreements and expectations.  Whether they are dealing with the purchase or sale of assets, equity interests, or business segments, the need for counsel to negotiate and ensure that the documents reflect the deal is critical.


Finance and Capital

When a company must raise capital and deal with Venture Capital and Private Equity investors, the SFS Law Group provides insights and careful review of the structure of new equity or debt financing to ensure that its clients get the benefit of their bargain. For companies seeking financing, the need to preserve control and equity value when they take on new equity or debt financing is paramount and a consideration that the SFS Law Group has addressed for many clients.

Succession Planning and Owner Agreements

For close corporations and other closely held companies, particularly if ownership is in the hands of an older generation in a family business, the difficulties of planning for the transition of the business within a family group can be substantial.  Unexpected succession issues may arise through the death or conflict amount a small group of owners.  Structuring the agreements and planning for change is an increasing area of practice in recent years. The SFS Law group has identified the increasing need for counsel to plan and help implement succession terms and agreements as a major legal area at this time.










Business lawyers who

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General Counsel Practice

As businesses increase their operations and grow, the need for regular legal advice from lawyers who know their business and the legal environment of their industry as well as their internal operations grows as well.  Many companies, however, do not wish to invest in and support the cost of  their own legal department or individual corporate counsel.  The SFS Law Group provides the counseling and advice to managers and owners of companies whose businesses require close support and access to knowledgeable counsel.  As legacy model law firms have continued to increase their size, operate in an increasing number of locations, and increase their overhead costs, personnel costs, and fees, they have effectively withdrawn from the middle market. 

The SFS Law Group and other New Model law firms service the middle market businesses. For those engagements that require a multi-disciplinary approach that originally led to the rise of the large legacy law firms, the SFS Law Group offers its experience and expertise to clients and marshals the expertise of other lawyers through alliances, joint counsel engagements and other relationships.  The advantage to clients of the SFS Law Group and other New Model firms is in the efficiency and lower cost structure that large legacy firms cannot match in offering services to middle market clients.  As the legacy firms have continued to grow through mergers and acquisitions, their focus has moved to Fortune 500 and other large public companies, large financial institutions, foreign investment groups, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds and other major enterprises whose legal needs require multinational and multi city locations.  The investment, overhead, and personnel costs of the growth of legacy firms has left a large under served market in which the value added services of the SFS Law Group, its focus on middle market businesses and ability to provide fairly priced services to middle market companies gives it a competitive and service advantage.